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EnvironmentLine and Report

Environmental philosophy

Accurate Inc. will work on eco-action for all offices and all activities (design, estimation, production, packing, shipping and sales activities) and contribute to the realization of a sustainable economic society by building an environmental management system and continuously operating it.


  • In conducting business activities, We will try to protect the environment by taking into consideration the local community and the natural ecosystem.
  • We will comply with environmental laws and regulations and review the status of compliance regularly.
  • We will build an environmental management system and establish a reduction target and perform continuous improvement activities., also work on the following topics as an environmental management priority theme.
    • 1) Reducing the amount of power and fossil fuel use
    • 2) Reduction and recycling of wastes
    • 3) Promotion of resource saving (including water saving)
    • 4) Use materials that are energy-saving and resource-saving products
  • This policy will be known to all employees and will provide education and training to the ECO action 21
  • We will promote the reduction of green procurement activities and waste metal products to protect the global environment.
  • We will promote product development with a small amount of hazardous chemicals in our products and tools design.
  • We will promote green procurement activities that do not use hazardous chemicals in product materials in purchasing and buying activities.
  • Pre-evaluation of new chemical substances and management of existing chemical substances are reduced.
  • We will simplify the packaging in our sales activities and make it convenient.
  • Records and stores the amount of carbon dioxide emissions, waste emissions, total wastewater, recycling, and chemical substances used.
  • As an internal communication about ECO Action 21, we will communicate and exchange opinions via a forum or a video conference on the portal.
  • We will open the website as a means of external communication and accept complaints and requests.
30th June, 2015 Accurate Inc. President & C.E.O. Kazuhiko Yamada

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