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  • Guide Sensor for AGV
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Product No. UDS-1044
Type 15bit
Power Supply DC +12~24V ±10%  Ripple less than 1%
Current consumption Less than 50mA
Sensitivity 0.5mT ±0.1mT(N pole)
Output NPN Transistor Open Collector Output(Normal Open)
Operating temperature -10~+50℃(non-icing,non-condensing)
Operating humidity 10~90% RH(non-icing,non-condensing)
Temperature coefficient Less than 0.04mT/10℃
Enclosure IP-54

UDS-1044 detects the magnetic tape on the route and plural number of magnetic switchs in the sensor housing turns ON when they detect the magnetic flux generated by the magnetic tape.

The magnetic switch is allocated by 15 bits for guide and outputs the bit signals parallely.

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