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  • Mark Sensor for AGV
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Product No. MHS-1008-V2-05
 Type N pole and S pole
 Power Supply DC+24V Ripple less than 1%
 Current consumption Less than 19mA
Sensitivity 0.5mT±0.01mT 
 Output NPN Transistor Open Collector Output (Normal Open) 
Operating temperature -10〜+50℃ ( non-icing, non-condensing) 
Operating humidity 10〜90% RH ( non-icing, non-condensing) 
 Temperature coefficient Less than 0.05mT/10℃ 
Enclosure IP-64 

MHS-1008 detects the magnetic field and identify the N pole and S pole. The dual outputs generate ON or OFF signal according to the detected magnetic pole. The operating magnetic field strength is set as 0.5mT.

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